View Full Version : Baldpate W&E from Grafton Notch Parking Lot

07-12-2008, 07:43 PM
Temp at Parking Lot: 73
Temp at Summit of E Baldpate: probably low sixties. A hat is definitely a good idea for coming down from East Baldpate until you get to the saddle again.

The trails are very wet, with black flies still out, but everything is certainly passable. The section from the turn-off to the Baldpate Lean-to Trail to the summit of West Baldpate is a nasty .8 miles that is in need of some repair.

I saw a bear crossing Route 2/26 just south of the Sunday River area on the way up.

I took a side trip to Table Rock on the way down--it's an absolutely amazing view. There was a chipmunk eating a Cheerio. All in all a good hike. A little easier physically than Old Speck all told, in my opinion, but could be psychologically harder because from W. Baldpate the East summit looks so far away, when in reality this part is an easy hike. Be very aware of thunderstorms on the top of East Baldpate. Happy hiking! Would love to hear questions.

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