View Full Version : Aziscohos Mt. loop - July 12, 2008

07-13-2008, 02:34 PM
Trail Conditions: Aziscohos Mt. Trail muddy and overgrown down low and in better condition up high. There was flagging on tree trunks along with the red blazes. Firewarden Trail was full of blowdowns and heavily overgrown up high.

Special Equipment Required: none. NO BUGS!

Comments: I discovered that the trailhead sign for the Aziscohos Mt. Trail was half chopped off and leaning. It now says "Mt. Trail". Tried to straighten the sign. No idea how permanent that will be. The trailhead is about a mile east of the Aziscohos Dam, on the right side. A parking area for the trail is just before it, which goes up steeply. Views were interesting as it was clear up high, but the lakes and valleys were all fogged in :cool: