View Full Version : Bigelows via Safford Brook Trail 7-20-08

Thunder Dan
07-21-2008, 09:28 AM
My wife and I camped at the campsites near the Safford Brook Trailhead. The mosquitos and bugs near the lake were about as aggressive as I have ever seen.

The Safford Brook Trail is fairly easy and in great shape. The first portion of it has many biting bugs along it. One we got to a higher elevation, the bugs were not bad at all. The Appalachian Trail was is good shape and was a nice challenge climbin the steep areas to gain the ridge to Avery Peak. The blueberries were very numerous on Avery Peak. We also summited West Peak and retraced our steps back to Safford Brook Trailhead. Swimming in Flagstaff Lake was also very pleasant as the humid weather has really warmed the waters to a comfortable temperature.

Great day of hiking, the Bigelows are a Maine treasure! 108 mtns complete, 7 4kers to go!