View Full Version : Baldpates - AT from Grafton Notch to East B Hill Rd

07-27-2008, 06:13 AM
26 July, 2008

Trail Conditions: Soil has not yet absorbed all the rain from the last week, so areas prone to mud have become so. The granite underlying the Baldpates fortunately has good traction, even when wet. Much of the trail is on granite rock - very pleasant day for hiking.

The cascades through Dunn Notch are too high to cross and stay dry at the AT crossing. Upstream about 50 yards there is a log wedged across the part of the stream that can make for a dry (if slippery) route across the stream.
Stream a few yards from East B Hill Road is crossable on step stones.

No special equipment needed.

Saw 5 SOBO section hikers, 5 boy scouts/dads, and 2 NOBO section hikers.

Fourfingers and Screwloose