View Full Version : Mendon, Killington via Eddy Brook Rd, Bucklin 7/26

07-27-2008, 02:59 PM
Saturday July 26, 2008:

Trail Conditions: Humid with slippery rocks. Eddy Brook a little high, had to wade across first stream crossing. Nice views from both peaks on Mendon and great views from Killington summit.

Special Equipment Required: Compass, GPS and long pants for Mendon bushwhack, unless you find the herd path.

Comments: There's a great herd path that easily gets you through the thick spuce that guards the top of Mendon's East Peak. I didn't find it going up though and the last 15 minutes to the East Peak were a little unpleasant. The path's not well defined from Eddy Brook Rd but gets better as you get closer to the summit. I went into the woods at the second cairn past the 4'th/last stream crossing with a bearing of 250 and didn't hit the path. I should have gone a little more south. I followed the herd path out and hit the road very close to a third cairn. I would start from there and look for the path if I do this hike again. My GPS puts this cairn at 3486'.

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