View Full Version : Stratton to past the Kennebec 7/21-7/25

Explorer 61
07-27-2008, 08:09 PM
Five day backpack. Met many great people, but the trail is extremely wet. Section near West Carry Pond entirely under water until start up Arnold Trail. Arnold trail was a river up and down (could tell you reached the top when water was flowing the other way). Water was at the top and just over dam at Pierce Pond. Bridge over Otter Pond Stream extremely slippery. (I sat on the railing and inched my way over.) Crossing at Holly Brook (not even listed as a ford) was clsoe to waist deep. I heard from others that the crossings of the Piscataquis was neck deep on Friday and waist deep on Saturday. Be extremely careful at all crossings or wait for better weather to travel to area.
Bugs were annoying at times, but I never needed dope.