View Full Version : Traveler Loop BSP

08-06-2008, 07:54 PM
Finally a day without any rain, although it threatened to rain all day. I hiked the loop the recommended way, starting with the ascent of Peaks of the Ridges. Then over to The Traveler where there was a huge bull moose at the summit, not far below the summit sign. He didn't mind me at all. Every once in a while he'd stop eating and look at me. High altitude moose at 3500 feet. Next was North Traveler. Then back to South Branch Pond. Total mileage was 10.6. Total time was 8.5 hours, that includes an hour for breaks. I spent about 20 minutes at each summit, maybe longer on the Traveler because I took quite a few pictures of the moose.

The blueberries are peak. I stopped to eat a ton of them along the way.
No bugs! I didn't even wear bug spray :eek:

I'd like to know the elevation gain and loss of this hike. I bet it's more than Katahdin. My legs and knees were crying by the time I got down.

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