View Full Version : Green Mountain - Dolebrook Twp, 8/6/08

08-08-2008, 08:27 PM
Date of Hike: August 6, 2008

Trail Conditions: Mother Nature is quickly reclaiming this old fire warden's trail. From the trailhead, after wading through waist-high grass, the trail leaves and follows a mostly easy route to the summit with only 2 small steep sections near the top. The trail is very overgrown and is not recognizable in many places. The trail IS heavily flagged which does help you find the trail when you are waist-high in sapplings. There are numerous blow-downs on the trail and some recent logging activity has dumped a load of slash right on the trail.

Special Equipment Required: None, but we did break out the rain gear

Comments: This area seems to have had some recent activity with new signs at the base of the watchman's camp driveway and new signs at the trailhead. Hopefully someone is going to start maintaining the trail itself as another year or so it will dissapear without maintenance.

The fire tower on this summit is still standing in fair condition (observation cab is still in place) and also the watchman's lightning shelter still stands. When we hit the summit, the sky opened up and the shelter was a convenient place to get into rain gear. Normally there are good views from the tower as the summit is mosly wooded.

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