View Full Version : AT - Route 17 to Piazza Rock - 8/4-5

08-12-2008, 11:54 AM
Trail Conditions: Mud, mud and more mud. The stretch between route 17 and route 4 was at best a stream and at worst mud occasionally reaching thigh deep. There were a couple of challenging crawl-under blowdowns as I got closer to route 4.

The section from Route 4 to Pizza Rock was beautiful. It was still muddy but most of the mud was avoidable.

Special Equipment Required: Poles for balance on slippery trails. I brought dry socks but it was so muddy that changing socks was pointless.

Comments: Optional - This is a beautiful section of trail even with all the mud. I can't wait to return to Maine and explore more.

Photos at http://www.sheeprocks.com

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