View Full Version : Belvidere Mtn loop hike

08-15-2008, 02:41 PM
August 14, 2008

Forester's Trail to firetower, LT north to Tillottson Camp, Frank Post Trail back to trailhead. All three trails very well-blazed, easy to follow. Five or six blowdowns - maple, birch, beech - on Forester's Trail, a couple more on the LT between Belvidere summit and Tillottson Camp. Frank Post Trail had no blowdowns at all.

All three trails have significant lengths of boot-sucking mud followed by good distances of soft, dry treadway. Very comfy trail. Along the ridge (LT) north of the summit is like a carwash with the wet brush soaking and rinsing hikers' legs.

Several patches of ripe raspberries about 500 feet before LT junction on Forester's Trail and along the LT ridge - this is cause for slowing the hike down.

Waterproof boots and gaiters helpful. Good traction-treads important - the prevailing rocks are slippery, even when dry. The prevailing condiotions are not dry.

Great quick hike - saw no other hikers.