View Full Version : The Goose Eyes and Mahoosuc Notch

08-19-2008, 07:53 PM
Date: August 18, 2008

Trails: Goose Eye Trail; AT from Goose Eye through the Notch, up the Arm and down to Grafton Notch

Trail Conditions: Goose Eye Trail in good condition. AT in good condition too, with most of the muddy sections covered by bog bridges.

Road Conditions: Success Pond Road all the way from Gorham to Grafton Notch in good condition, although certainly a slow ride. We drove in from Gorham to the Goose Eye Trailhead, then drove back to pick up that car from the Grafton Notch end.

Comments: This was a long, hard day. But we lucked out with the weather, which made it much more pleasant. We started up the Goose Eye Trail at 7:30 am and were back up on the AT by 9am. We really enjoyed the hike along the Goose Eye ridgeline. Beautiful views and some nice alpine bogs, with some yummy blueberries, cotton sedge, alpine cranberries and more. I did get stuck in one of the bogs atop Fulling Mill Mountain. I was in up to my knee and it took a while to get out! Hysterical, only because I didn't lose a shoe :D

The hike through Mahoosuc Notch took us 1.5 hours. As it was dry and nice out, it was relatively fun, although a bit ridiculous and I would have been happy to have it be about a 1/4 of the length! The hike up the Arm was stiff, but not too bad, although I was definitely tiring by that point in the day. Speck Pond was beautiful and then the final ascent to the Old Speck junction. We've done Old Speck before, and it was 4pm at that point, so we skipped the summit and headed down toward Grafton Notch. That final 3.5 miles seems to go on and on forever, but finally 10.25 hours after we started, we were done!

Photos of the hike (http://flickr.com/photos/snowplug/sets/72157606841244535/detail/)