View Full Version : South and North Crocker via the AT

08-31-2008, 07:05 PM
Date: August 31, 2008

Trails: AT from Caribou Valley Road to Rt. 27

Conditions: Trail in great shape and very dry. Closer to Rt. 27 someone had been in brushing the trail recently - thanks! Only one or two blowdowns, and not much mud to speak of at all, which was a nice change from our hikes earlier this month!

Comments: In our ongoing quest to finish up our miles on the AT, we headed over to bag the Crockers today. We decided to just drive one car, so we parked at the Rt. 27 trailhead, geared up and ran 1.6 miles down Rt. 27 to the entrance of the Caribou Valley Road. We then ran/walked the 4.5 miles to the AT trail crossing. The 6.1 road miles were pretty quick and easy. We hit the AT at 10:15. This was a really nice section of trail. We really enjoyed the relatively mellow treadway and the lack of mud and flowing water! Lots of color in the woods - red bunchberries and trillium berries; pink/blush hobblebush berries; ripe blueberries; shiny blue bead berries. Nice views as we headed up South Crocker, and we noticed some maples changing down in the valley. Windy up top and the breeze was a bit cool! Fall is definitely on its way. A few juncos flitting about, as well as a calling Pileated Woodpecker seen flying overhead.

Only saw 5 other hikers, and no thru-hikers; pretty quiet for such a nice day.
Photos of the hike here (http://www.flickr.com/photos/snowplug/sets/72157607047312885/detail/)