View Full Version : Bemis Range via AT, Bemis Stream Trail and log roads - 8/31/08

08-31-2008, 09:18 PM
Trail Conditions: AT and Bemis Stream Trail (aka, Bemis Valley Trail) in good shape. AT has received extensive trail work since I was up there in June. Many thanks to the trail crew(s).

Special Equipment required:

Comments: 'Twas a generally clear, windy, late summer day - perfect for hiking! Lots of views and blues (blueberries, that is). Bemis Stream Trail was a joy to descend. It has extremely attractive woods and nice duff for comfy walking. Got up close and personal with a pretty good size bull moose on the Bemis Stream Trail :eek: :cool: . I reacted with a big whoah (like Keanu Reeves). The moose looked at me for 10 seconds then thankfully headed away. Glad it's not quite the rutting season! I have run into more moose hiking this year, than in all my other years of hiking combined. :cool: :cool:

The last part of the descent was done on log roads that go over a bridge a couple miles down the Bemis Stream Trail, just to shorten the hike a bit.

All in all, a very fun hike!