View Full Version : Mt. Abraham via Firewardens Trail, 09/01/08

09-02-2008, 05:36 AM
Mt. Abraham via Firewardens Trail

Date of Hike: Monday, September 1, 2008

Trail Conditions: Dry trail, mud

Special Equipment Required: None


From the trailhead to the logging road crossing (note - for 'logging roads', these are in pretty good shape - better shape than the dirt roads I've lived on for much of my life!) - a dozen blowdowns (easily stepped over/under), some mud (including a large mud pit a little bit below the logging road crossing). First water crossing done easily if you go upstream 10 feet, others no problem.

From logging road crossing to summit (note - double check to see if it's kosher, but parking near the logging road crossing - marked with two cairns - will save time and mud) - a few small muddy sections, over a dozen blowdowns. I cut up the worst blowdown, but didn't have time to even consider the others (all remaining can easily be stepped over/under). Water crossings no problem.

While the AMC guide refers to a telephone line as a way to get back from the summit if visibility is bad, I didn't see any evidence of a telephone line, other than a pile of line not far from the cabin. The firewardens cabin, by the way, is slowly collapsing.

No bugs in the windy weather.

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