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09-07-2008, 01:49 PM
September 11, 2008

A quick 2:10 round trip to and from Glen Ellen Lodge via the Jerusalem Trail. Beautifully brushed-out. Solid traction footpath. Autumn leaffall is just beginning at the upper elevations.

We'd intended to do the Dean and Monroe Trails on Camels Hump, but despite Weather.Com forecasting a "partly cloudy" for this morning, it was raining as we approached the trailhead. So we continued over Ap Gap to the west where the weather might be better. When there was cloud cover, we were in it - I might have called it partly foggy rather than partly cloudy.

No VFTT - the views from Orvis Lookout remind me of the view as the Bushman in The Gods Must Be Crazy threw the Coca-Cola bottle off the end of the Earth.


Fourfingers and Screwloose