View Full Version : Katahdin via Dudley, Knife's Edge & Saddle 9-13-08

Creaky Knees
09-14-2008, 08:19 PM
Trail Conditions: Trails were a little wet from previous night's rain making the climb up Dudley even more challenging. The Maine AMC guidebook doesn't do the Dudley trail justice - since it doesn't include elevation gains - it's steep!

Special Equipment Required: Would have liked to have leather gloves for the boulders on the Dudley and going across the Knife's Edge. Poles good for the descent down Saddle.

Comments: Stayed just outside the park and were surprised when they let us in at 5AM. Had a pleasant trip up to Chimney Pond and was a little surprised when the ranger told us about the hand over hand climb up the Dudley trail. We made it but the going was slow. Also slow dropping off of Pamola and going across the "serrated" Knife's Edge. Was fogged in most of the day, so no real VFTT. Had lunch on Katahdin/Baxter and headed down Saddle. Time and energy were short so we passed on the double bagger over to Hamlin. Back down to Chimney Pond and out with a 6 hour drive back home! Hiked with good friend Dana from Gorham, ME. Arguably one of the most difficult day hikes done to date. First 4K'er in Maine.

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