View Full Version : Sugarloaf via ski slopes

09-21-2008, 09:23 PM
We hiked up the tote road via Sugarloaf USA ski slopes. I found the parking to have nothing to do with my 2005 edition AMC guide's description. I simply drove to the end of the road and parked where the little shops and hotel are. From there we proceeded up the tote road beside one of the large quad chairlift. The trail goes straight up and is brutal. The ski area has maps which label all the trails by difficulty-green circle for easy, blue square for intermediate, and black diamond for difficult. We began on a green circle and ended up on a blue square, and they both are pretty tough. Despite the evidence of humanity on the mountain, we only saw 1 person on the ski slope side. The views going down are tremendous and pretty much continue right to the base of the mountain.