View Full Version : Mt Ellen from Appalachia Gap 10-4-08

Creaky Knees
10-07-2008, 05:51 AM
Trail Conditions: very muddy, but other than that the trail was fine.

Special Equipment Required: None other than standard fall gear

Comments: We were originally going to do Lincoln Gap to Glen Ellen Lodge, spend the night and then hike out to Appalachia Gap the next morning. Not being familiar with how busy the shelters get in VT coupled with a 3+ hour drive to get there, we decided just to focus on Mt Ellen by dropping the overnight gear at the Lodge first and then a day hike to Mt. Ellen. The day was chilly with undercast that allowed us to see the foliage and the Champlain valley. Comfortable hiking if you kept moving. Ran into a single coming northbound all dressed up in rain gear which seemed odd until we reached Mt. Ellen to find a couple inches of snow rapidly melting from the tree branches. I guess that it had been a wet day on the higher ridge. Crashed at Glen Ellen lodge for the evening which is a quaint lodge that I would highly recommend for anyone looking for an overnight. Total of 6 people stayed at the shelter. Hiked out the next morning to undercast once again. A nice relaxing weekend trip with Roger and his son Tom.

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