View Full Version : Mt. Negus via unmarked trail

10-08-2008, 07:24 PM

Trail Conditions: A little mud. Tough to follow at times, no blazes.

Special Equipment Required: nothing special

Comments: Maybe not a family friendly hike. Very steep, not death defying.
This one is a real find, I wish there were more like it out there. My 2nd time up. For anyone familiar with the Mass Trail Guide, sorry its not listed but should. My guess is the land ownership may not permit it.
Off route 2 in Chalemont, MA, just before the bridge to Sunrise Park, Zoar Rd. From a picnic area, cross tracks, the trail heads east and veers left and up. This is a steep climb, about a 1000 ft. The views above treeline are really worth the effort. Wish I waited til next weekend, the color would have been even better.