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Mark Driscoll
06-07-2004, 04:36 PM
Hi all,

I plan on hiking into Wanika Falls this weekend. I would also like to take a side trip and check out the “new” (1983) slide on Nye. Is there a well defined path from the NP trail to the slide? Is there any marking at the start of the path? Can anyone give me a good description of the hike?


06-07-2004, 05:11 PM
There is an old slide on Nye that can been seen from the Chubb River and is accessible from the Wanika Falls area. We were trying to find it one November, and as darkness fell, the water on rocks started to freeze and we headed back down. Never did really locate it, although we knew we were close.
I had info on the "new" slide but can't locate it.

06-07-2004, 10:05 PM
Brian and I found a slide on Nye. We are yet unsure which one it was. It was a little over grown, so I'm thinking it was the older one. I want to say it was the second major brook crossing along the way to Wanika Falls. It was a good 3-4 miles in along the NLP Trail. I remember it being 10 minutes off the trail. It was a few years ago. There was no apparent herd path. I hope that helps a little.

Mark Driscoll
06-08-2004, 09:12 AM
Thanks, it was just going to be a side trip to check it out not in shape to do the climb. Will let you know it I have any luck.


06-11-2004, 10:06 AM
I went up the slide last year. I have the GPS coords of the base if you want them.
There is no defined path to the base but the forest is wide open until you get to 100yds from the slide.
The slide itself is the easiest slide I've done. If you get there, you should climb it, it wont require much effort.