View Full Version : 10/26/06 - Breadloaf/Wilson via Skylight Pond Trail and LT

10-26-2008, 03:57 PM
Trail Conditions: extremely wet due to the previous day's deluge. One small stream crossing was challenging due to brown water conditions. Lots of water running down the trail on LT. Skylight Pond Trail not too wet and in great shape. This trail has lots of switchbacks, which made it very easy to descend in wet condition.

Special Equipment Required: Poles very helpful for descending Breadloaf in both direections due to wet, slippery rocks. Waterproof boots were quite nice, too. Sno Seal worked great on my old Vasque Zephyrs:cool:

Comments: weather could not have been better. Temps were moderate, winds were light and no clouds were to be seen. Very quiet on the trails today. Saw two groups of 4 and that was it. Took spur path to see Skylight Pond - very pretty. This was my first solo hike since my pal Ray Loring passed away. This may sound strange, but it felt like he was there hiking with me. This hike was SO much easier than last Sunday's torture on Scar Ridge. Breadloaf and Wilson were #'s 93 and 94 of the New England 100 Highest. Hopefully the remaining six peaks can be done in three hikes!