View Full Version : Old Speck via Speck Pond Tr TH

11-02-2008, 07:21 AM
Speck Pond Trail in first half of hardwood section well painted and in good shape. First stream crossing is pooled so you may want to go up a parallel road a bit and then come down to the trail. The sharp turn away from brook can be easily missed but wrong herd path dies out quicly. Speck Pond in softwood section in higher elevations has lots of icy ledge sections on a slope. I would take stabilicers, just in case, although temps are key. I would factor in extra time, especially if you try to avoid damaging the sides of the trail. May Cutoff and Mahoosucs before descent to pond a mix of icy ledge and thin ice covered mud holes. Trail up to Old Speck had a little icy ledge but upper crusty snow mostly and easier going. Speck Pond from Pond to May Cutoff much better than May/Mahoosucs section.

This would be a great hike in summer, and was a nice one Saturday with the icy ledge and chilly wind adding to the challenge.