View Full Version : Mount Greylock via Stony Ledge and Hopper Trails

11-05-2008, 04:08 PM
I got to tackle Greylock today, as I was supposed to have jury duty, but my pool # was told not to report! I went up the Stony Ledge Trail, which was mostly dry. The view of the summit from Stony is super, then I walked the Sperry Rd. to the Hopper Trail, and followed that to the summit. It was a wierd feeling walking through the Sperry campground without anyone there.

There was one hiker at the top, who was just getting ready to leave. I had the summit all to myself, no cars, no noisy tourists, nothing! It was a great feeling, but that will never happen again, once they reopen the road (next spring?). I actually saw more wildlife than people on this hike. There were numerous moose prints on the trails just below the summit, and I scared a black bear right up a tree! That was cool! :tup:

On the return, I left the summit via the Overlook Trail, which loops back to the Hopper Trail just above the campground. There were a couple of lookouts along the trail, but my hope was that it might bring me near the top of the slide that can be seen from Stony Ledge on the west face of the summit. The slide parallels the March Cataract Falls to the north and looks to drop I would guess about 800 ft. down into the Hopper. The trail does follow the top of the steep dropoff on that side, but I couldn't see a slide. It does merit a return trip though, as it isn't too far from the access road, and the trail does cross the upper reaches of the March Cataract brook.

The return was down the Roaring Brook Trail, which joins the Stony Ledge Trail near the parking area.

Pics; http://community.webshots.com/album/568503270eQunJz?vhost=community