View Full Version : Burnt Hill + Skylight Pond Trails

11-09-2008, 07:07 PM
9 November, 2008

A night of hard rain led to wet trails, but both the Burnt Hill Trail up to the LT and the Skylight Pond Trail back down to USFS 59 are well-laid out, mostly well-drained, and good to follow. No problem blow-downs.

The LT along the ridge over Boyce and Battell Mtns is something of a carwash. At lower elevations the autumn leaffall has opened up the trails, but along the ridge the predominant evergreens can keep one wet.

Exactly four hours for the 7.4 miles of trail and the 2.6 mile roadwalk back along USFS 59 to the car. Saw no people, but there were three other cars at the parking area for the Burnt Hill Trail when we got back there in late morning.

Sun finally started breaking out as we descended the Skylight Pond Tr. after a morning of full overcast. No VFTT.

Fourfingers and Screwloose