View Full Version : Sugarloaf & Spaulding attempt - Nov 23

11-23-2008, 06:07 PM
Sugarloaf & Spaulding via Caribou Valley Road (sign on Rt 27 said Caribou Pond Road) & Bushwack toward Spaulding Mtn Campsite.

Date of Hike: Sunday, Nov 23

Trail Conditions: Light snow on ground, a lot of ice frozen on the trail. It was very windy, with blowing snow, and bitter cold. CVR was passable for a high bed vehicle until the last bridge, which was marked as unable to support a car.

Special Equipment Required: We barebooted, but in places considered putting on stablicers. Face protection recommended because of the wind.

Comments: We missed the AT trail crossing the CVR on the way in, went a mile further and then parked. Walked up the CVR toward the pond, took the left branch over the bridge, went to the end, and then set off on a bushwack ESE toward where we guessed we'd meet the campsite and the AT. We never found either. We got to the top of the rise and went north, toward Spaulding, found the yellow boundary blazes, but no AT. So with the day getting late at this point, we bushwacked back down to the CVR and hiked back out to our car, bleeding but otherwise fine.