View Full Version : AT Tyringham to Cheshire 11/23-25/08

11-27-2008, 02:15 PM
36 cold to cool tick-free miles.
I didn't see any wildlife except for a few birds. It's hunting season, so wear something blaze or red.

Trail was mostly in great shape, with rare spots of ice. There were many spots where ground frost had raised up the earth, and walking here was a bit unstable as it collapsed underfoot. Trail was remarkably blowdown free the whole way. For the most part it was well marked and the tread was well enough defined in spots where the blazes were faded or missing.
Snow started 7:25PM Monday, 11/24 at Kay Wood Shelter. It continued til I went to sleep. During the night it changed over to rain, and by morning the snow was gone. The wet trail wasn't too slippery, though the wet rocks here seemed more slippery than wet rocks I've hiked on in the Adirondacks.
It snowed again Tuesday night, and this time it stayed til morning. It was just a dusting, but on top of hard frozen ground, and on rocks, it was slippery enough to require traction devices.
Wednesday's plan was to day hike from Cheshire over Mt. Graylock to N. Adams. I had only instep crampons, and the prospect of hiking 14 miles on hard ground with them was very unpleasant. Also, I didn't know if my blister fix would work, and I'd be descending the last mile or two by headlamp. So I just decided it wouldn't be good to do that hike.
The turkey is going on the table as I type, so that's it for this report. I didn't find out how much snow fell on Graylock. Sometimes Wunderground ahs a snow depth icon to click, though maybe not this early in the season.