View Full Version : Bromley Mtn via Long Trail

11-29-2008, 06:12 PM
Snow is 2-4 inches deep at the trailhead, 3-4 inches at about the midpoint (near the shelter) but it gets a bit deeper about 1/2 mile from the summit (up to 12-18 inches deep due to the snow-making of the ski resort). The whole thing is barebootable, but I wore stabilicers for the heck of it. Snowshoes are overkill, except for maybe the top 0.3 mile walk on the ski slopes before the summit.

FYI - the observation deck was closed off. Perhaps it is closed all winter so skiiers don't go up there?? We didn't visit the "warming hut" at the summit either as we weren't sure if hikers were welcome during the winter season (ski patrol was in the building).

Bromley is a great hike with really great views. The views from the observation deck in the summer must be outstanding.