View Full Version : South Side Of Mt Wachusett, 12/26/2008

elvios lincoln
12-26-2008, 04:53 PM
There was quite a bit of tree damage from the recent ice storms. Today we mostly-cleared the following trail segments.

Echo Lake Trail
Jack Frost Trail
Moutain House Trail from top end of Jack Frost to the Summit.
Upper Link Trail

Harrington (Midstate Trail) from Upper Link to about Administration Road.
We old timers were pretty beat as we approached Adiministration Road, so the Harrington could use a bit more work in this area and the rest of the way down to Westminster Road. We also did not clear the Harrington above the Upper Link Trail. There is a lot of damage in that area. There is a big Birch causing problems at the wooden foot bridge near where the Harrington and Upper Link meet. This birch is hung up in such a way that we really could not finish it off; though we cleared 80% of it. It needs a freash crew and possibly a chain saw.

There are signs posted at the trail heads saying the trails are closed. There is no good reason for it at this point; except at the base of the High Meadow Trail ,where there is a power line under a lot of stress. We avoided the High Meadow Trail because of this factor. We saw perhaps 20 other hikers with 10 dogs. The snow is mostly gone. In places stabi-icers are quite useful.

Hopefully some younger crew will step up and finish the trail clearing at this point.