View Full Version : Elephant Mountain 26Dec08

12-31-2008, 07:04 AM
Trail Conditions: It was plowed out on S. Arm Rd/Elephant Mtn Rd intersection for about 6 vehicles. We followed the road for about .5 miles (which had been heavily snowmobiled), then where it turns left we decided to go straight and follow the narrower trail along Clearwater Brook (could go either way, but the way we went is about a mile shorter). After about a mile, it basically came to an end, so we bushwhacked up to the road and followed that all the way to the large clearing past the summer parking lot and bushwhacked up to the canister from there.

Special Equipment Required: Most of us skied in on the road, and all of us wore snowshoes for the rest of the way.

Comments: We were the first to sign in to the canister since October, but since it is now winter there will likely be more traffic up there. Someone left an elephant nose in the canister which made for quite a few good photo ops… Gorgeous day!

Your name: Frodo, Seema, Brian, Meri, ChinookTrail, and Donna.