View Full Version : Crockers via CVR/AT 27Dec08

12-31-2008, 07:09 AM
Trail Conditions: CVR was plowed out at the entrance for about 8 vehicles. The rest of it was well broken out by snowmobiles. At the AT crossing, neither direction was broken out (up Sugarloaf or the Crockers). The snowpack was deep and heavy, so it took 9 of us a LONG time to break out the trail all the way to N. Crocker and back.

Special Equipment Required: Most of us skied in on the road (which was well groomed by snowmobiles), and all of us wore snowshoes for the trail. The steep section up to S. Crocker was sketchy in snowshoes, and since it has been warm, crampons might be a better option right now.

Comments: Nothing like breaking trail thru waist deep snow, in the rain, with the snow clumping to your snowshoes turning them into cinder blocks (we now all have “buns of steel”!). Good thing there were 9 awesome friends to do this together with lots of laughs along the way! Otherwise it would have been miserable :eek:. Awesome memorable day!

Your name: Frodo, Hamtero, Suebiscuit, Seema, Brian, Skimom, Meri, MEB, and Donna.