View Full Version : stratton mtn via stratton pond trail, 1/24/09

01-25-2009, 09:18 PM
Date of Hike: 1/24-25/2009

Trail Conditions:
need to walk to stratton pond trailhead via road (shared with many snowmobiles) from parking area at long trail junction on stratton-arlington road (0.9 miles, no snowshoes needed). stratton pond trail was completely unbroken until crossing catamount x-c ski trail (snowshoes required). after crossing catamount x-c ski trail, strattond pond trail was broken but snowshoes were still helpful. long trail from stratton pond shelter to stratton mtn was broken by x-c skier a day or two prior but snowshoes are needed.

Special Equipment Required:
snowshoes (see above). no crampons needed.

saw a moose on the long trail up to stratton mtn! also the view from the fire tower is awesome but frigid.

Your name:
Jon LaRosa

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jlarosa at alumni daht brown daht edu