View Full Version : Lions Head, Bear Mtn via AT (Cobble St) to Paradise Tr, UnderMtn Tr to Rte 41; 2-1-09

02-01-2009, 08:20 PM
Date of Hike: February 1st, 2009

Trail Route: Depart from Rte 41 Pkg Lot near Cobble St, AT North to Bear Mtn, continue north descending ledges toward Sages Ravine, turn on Paradise Trail to Undermountain Trail and out to Rte 41/Undermountain Rd Parking Lot.

Trail Conditions: Crusty top layer over snow 6-10" deep; Partly broken out (to Riga Lean-to) (and Brassie Brook to Bear Mtn) I broke trail Riga to Brassie Brook & most of Paradise Trail.

Ascending Lion's Head not very icy, though I had aggressive snowshoes w/awesome traction.

Descending Ledges after Bear Mtn challenging as snow landslided with each step

Special Equipment Required:

Snowshoes - helpful, though everybody but me was barebooting. Barebooters expressed slow going when braking trail.

Crampons - not needed, though climbing to the top of the monument on Bear Mtn was pretty icy.

Comments: Nice day to be out, 25-30F, little wind, few hikers; crunchy top a pain when breaking new trail but otherwise quite tolerable whether with shoes or barebooting. Managed 10 miles in 5 hours.

Note: Rte 41 Parking Lot near Cobble St was NOT plowed. Big wall of snow to crash thru and then lite snow over slick ice! Had to fake it on street; Others asked permission and parked at Cobble St condos.

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