View Full Version : Mount Race, Mount Everett 01/31/2009

02-02-2009, 07:32 AM
Date of Hike: 01/31/2009

Hiked up the Race Brook Trail to the AT then went north to Mount Everett then back down and South over to Mount Race then back down to Race Brook parking area.

Trail Conditions: Above 2000ft on Mount Race and Mount Everett there were drifts about 2ft deep.. below that there was only 8-12 inches of snow. The area seemed to have very l ittle traffic so that we were breaking trail most of the day, although later in the day several groups followed in our foot steps.

There were many Downed Trees along the trail but we were able to clean up many of them so that now for the most part the Race Brook trail and the AT in this section are passable.

There are still alot of downed tree tops in the Race Brook Tent platform area so bring along a saw to do some cleanup while you are there or passing through

Special Equipment Required: Snowshoes or Crampons were useful