View Full Version : AT Rt 20 N to Walling Mtn 2-08-09

02-08-2009, 07:28 PM
35 to 40 deg
overcast with breaks of sun and blue sky
10 -15 mph+/- wind gusts

Above freezing temps made the snow soft. There was a 1/2"+/- thick ice crust near the top layer with soft snow below. Some portions of our route had seen some hikers (1 to 2 people on snow shoes) approx 1 week ago. The trail regester on top of Becket Mtn had an entry from 2-01-09 from two individuals who had hiked from the next county road N of Becket Mtn and Walling Mtn.

So, all in all we were breaking trail (fairly easy given the conditions/depth of snow to break (12"+/-) or sprucing up/refurbishing the portions which had seen some activity.

This section of the AT has a lot of blowdown/downed limbs/trees from the Oct 08 ice storm (?) and from more recent storms(?). Due to the blowdown, etc we had to "parallel hike" the trail in quite a few areas in order to get past the worst locations. Someone had done some recent trail work/clearing for a portion in the section of the trail, just N of Becket Rd.

Snowshoes with hiking poles were utilized all day. Crampons or stabilicers were not needed. We hiked without our wind protection/goretx shell due to warm temps and only put them on at lunch stop (see below for further decsription).

Addtl Notes;
We stopped at this hike/trailhead on our way home from the AMC Mtg and presentation/talk by Greg Mortenson which was held last evening (SAT 2-07-09) in the greater Boston area. Back to the hike, we were originally planning on hiking to Finnerty Pond, but time quickly caught up with us so he decided to trun around after ascending the height of land called Walling Mtn on my map. We hunkered down out of the wind behind the big rock on the S end of this sausage shaped summit for lunch. Our lunch consisted of hot tea and simple PB&J sandwiches and half of a week old hummus sandwich which had been rolled over for missed lunches last week. All tasted good as it usually does when on the trail. :)