View Full Version : Wilson via Emily Proctor 2/11/09

02-12-2009, 09:27 PM
Temps in the low 40s made for mushy snow. EP trail had been well-broken to the shelter, and then 2 days ago MtnRunr headed toward Wilson but had to abandon.

I made an end run around MtnRunr's tracks, found open woods and tried to stay near the ridgetop over the several intermediate bumps to the true summit of Wilson. I only occasionally saw white blazes, and there was no evidence of a well-broken trail. The going wasn't too bad, although a few spruce traps lured me in. However, the rain that we ran into on the way down, and the warm temps that night, may have made conditions miserable until a new freeze comes.

There were no visible tracks on the LT southbound from EP shelter either.