View Full Version : Pleasant Mt. via South West Ridge

Ed'n Lauky
02-14-2009, 10:26 PM
The trail was broken out all the way to the Ledges trail. There were no signs of snowshoes having been used, and the trail was a bit rough, but it was easily passable without snowshoes.

From the trailhead and up the steep section there were numerous signs of sleds and skis. Most of the sled tracks disappeared where the trail swings right to go over to the ledges. Ski tracks continued all the way up to the tepee.

After the tepee the trail enters the woods and tracks that had been a bit spread out up to that point fell together to form a well consolidated fairly narrow trail.

The tracks continue over the ridge following the "old trail" to the cell phone tower and down the service road. At the point where the service road swings right and heads down hill the trail goes straight into the woods then swings left to pick up the regular trail and continues over to the Ledges trail.

When I went through, the Ledges trail up to the top had drifted over and had to be broken out again. If you guessed right you could walk without postholing, if you guessed wrong you could go in up to your knees.

The top had very little snow. The wind at the top was not as bad as I had been expecting. The views were spectacular. Mt. Washington was socked in.

Light traction was most useful today. Snowshoes would not have been particularly useful.

After an initial 20 minute hike up through the woods, you reach the ledges and you have great views almost all the way to the top. This was particularly true coming down. The views were breathtaking. I don't know of another trail in the North East that offers as much bang for the buck.