View Full Version : Cranberry Peak Stratton 2/14/09

02-16-2009, 04:22 PM
Stratton Brook Road parking area to the AT to the Bigelow Range Trail

Barebooting at the start (snowmobile path/road walk), snowshoes or crampons for the remainder. Our group for the most part, broke the trail to the summit area of Cranberry.

We lost the Bigelow Range Trail past the summit of Cranberry Peak and bushwhacked for a couple of hours until we found the trail. Lots of waist deep sinking and digging out until we re-connected with the trail.

Bigelow Range Trail from where we found it to Currie Road in Stratton was broken out recently. Not sure how far from this point back to summit of Cranberry Peak was broken out.

Plenty of snow in the woods and just off broken trail it is soft and deep.

Finished up just after dark for a rewarding day in the woods.