View Full Version : Jay and Big Jay, 2/15/09

02-18-2009, 01:19 PM
Trail Conditions: Well packed, although uneven, on the Long Trail.

Special Equipment Required: Snowshoes

Comments: We followed tracks from the day before up the Long Trail from Route 242. After the tracks retreated to the ski trails, we continued to try to follow the Long Trail with occasional success to just below the summit. The summits were in a cloud/spitting snow so no views -- had wanted to site Big Jay. As this was our first time on Jay, we lined up the compass and went looking for the well-publicized 'trail' to Big Jay. Had no luck there and took to the woods. Picked up the trail at the base of Big Jay where we met tracks from a single bare-booter headed in the same direction (never saw the person--just his tacks and occasional deep post-hole). Followed the trail back to the ski slope and found the reason we missed the trail--the large warning sign about going to Big Jay was behind a 10 ft, very large fence. Oh Well. Nice day & plenty of time for practicing with the GPS and compass;)