View Full Version : AT/LT Rootville Rd N to Rt 11

02-21-2009, 07:19 PM
Further Description of Trail Location
This section of trail is located just S of Bromely Mtn and at the northern fringe of the Lye Brook Wilderness

mid 20's windy, mostly sunny

Trail Conditions
Approx 1'+/- of new mostly powdery snow since the last hikers passed thru
Up to 2'+/- snow drifts in a few areas

Snowshoes, layered clothing with outer wind protection.

Addtl Notes
A beautiful day out. The southern portion of the hike did not appear to have been accessed recently. Log book at Spruce Peak Shelter had an entry from approx 1 week ago and then 4 to 5 other entries earlier in Feb.

Many of the deciduous trees still had clumps of snow on their limbs from the last significant snowfall, giving the appearance of cotton balls hanging from the branches. We joked that it was unique to see cotton growing this far N of the Mason Dixon Line.... And on such large trees!!