View Full Version : Mansfield via the Long Trail 2-28-09

02-28-2009, 04:20 PM
Trail Conditions: Was nicely packed up to about 3500' then I lost the trail and just whacked up to the col. Saw lots of meandering tracks, but I just opted for a more direct route... Above treeline was mostly hardpacked windblown snow with a little ice.

Special Equipment: Wore snowshoes most of the way, but needed crampons for the last few hundred feet. I forgot how steep this approach was (been 4 years since I last did it in winter). I was wishing I brought my mountaineering axe because a fall near the summit could be quite the ride...:eek:

Comments: Gorgeous day with nary a cloud in the sky. Must have had 80 mile visibility. Didn't spend much time on the summit due to the cold temps and wind. Saw very few people on such a beautiful day which was surprising... Tomorrow I will be back up there, but with a lift ticket and skis... Yippy ti yo ti yay!:)

Your name: Frodo