View Full Version : Pleasant Mountain via Firewarden's Trail - 3/8/09

Jay Meyer
03-08-2009, 08:52 PM
Conditions: the Firewarden's Trail is well packed by snowmobiles all the way to the summit. On Sunday morning, in the warm temperatures, there was considerable slush and running water in places. However, with the exception of a few very small rocks poking through the trail was snow/slush/ice covered the whole way. At the summit the snow was soft and deep, so I sank in about 6-12" when I took off my skis, but the trail itself is firm.

Equipment: I skinned up and skied down, on sturdy backcountry skis with full metal edges. Frankly, I had forgotten how steep the trail is above the snowmobile bridge about 1/2 way up. I wore robust leather backcountry boots that can turn my boards pretty well, but was really wishing for my plastic T3s as I survival snowplowed my way through the slush! But it was all good. Snowshoes would also work fine, and you could even bareboot although you'd probably want some light traction aid.

When it gets back below freezing the slush is going to freeze up into highly textured concrete and it will be a bone chattering ride until the sledders break it up and pack it down again.

59 mins. up, 18 mins. on top, 38 mins. down for a total time of 1 hr. 55 mins. round trip over the 2.5 mile route.