View Full Version : AT Lion's Head N to Bear Mtn 3-21-09

03-21-2009, 06:28 PM
Weather: Beautiful sunny day. 25 deg F to 45 deg F with little wind

Trail Conditions: In many sections the trail is clear and has no snow. In some sections (ie such as the N side of Bear Mtn) trail has some remaining snow and some icy areas. Some areas have considerable blowdown, some of which has not been cleared.

Equipment: breathable layers. Wind shell is helpful if spending time at the top. For the icy section (ie N side of Bear Mtn), traction devices are advisable (such as crampons and/or stabilicers). Snow shoes are not necessary.

Addtl Notes: Our one way car spot route started on the Lion’s Head blue blaze spur via Bunker Hill TH access. Connecting with the AT we traversed Lion’s Head and Bear Mtn. Then down the N side of Bear and back on Paradise Lane to Undermountain Trail.

As noted above, there is considerable blowdown in areas from last Oct 08 (?) storm. On the S side of Bear, most of the obstructions have been cleared. On the N side and for portions of Paradise lane, it is a much different story. You will be treated with many tree trunks and branches across the trail. We spent some time clearing some of the smaller stuff, but did not put much of a dent in it because of the fairly sizable magnitude.

We thank the trail maintainers who have already cleared some of the sections. Once we got to the areas which have not been worked yet we started to appreciate the amount of work which has been done on the already cleared sections.

Traction devices are only needed for the N side of bear. There are some other areas with snow patches, but these can be easily traversed with bare boot.

Paradise Lane lived up to its name as usual :)