View Full Version : Mt. Greylock via Thunderbolt 3-21-09

03-23-2009, 09:02 PM
Date of Hike:3-21-09

Trail Conditions: Trail was patchy snow and ice from the Thiel Road parking area to the top.

Special Equipment Required: Traction of some kind clearly made those with it happier than those without. I used climbing skins on tele skis. I saw crampon prints in addition to another skin track. There were plenty of folks climbing without any traction, probably the majority, but most were slipping in places and having to pick their way around the snow patches when they could.

Comments: Skied the entire thing with one detour into the trees to get around the bare first pitch on the Big Bend. From there on down it was on snow and then off for a couple of steps to connect patches, mostly on the Big Schuss which would have been walked by most people who weren't out to make a point.

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