View Full Version : Pleasant Mtn. Firewarden's Trail 4.18.09

Mad Townie
04-21-2009, 10:28 AM
Those familiar with Maine Firewarden's trails should be told that this isn't really one of those--it's MUCH more gradual.

The lower portions are pretty clear, and good walking, too. As you head up after the bridge there are varying amounts of ice and snow on the trail, with some indications of extreme sledding having occurred in the past. Only a couple muddy spots, but not too deep.

We barebooted all the way, although some areas required caution. On the way down we opted for MicroSpikes, which made the walking much easier. Didn't see Ed 'n Lauky at the top, unfortunately, but we met 3 pairs of hikers going up while we were descending.