View Full Version : Bigelow Range traverse, 5/23

05-24-2009, 01:15 PM
Date of Hike: 5/23

Route:AT from East Flagstaff Road, over Little Bigelow, Avery Peak, West Peak, and both Horns, to the Bigelow Range Trail. BRT over Cranberry Peak to the Bigelow Range Trail trailhead in Stratton.

Trail Conditions: the trail is 99.9% snow free and mostly dry. Occasional patches of mud, and a few blowdowns, most of which are easily negotiable. More blowdowns on BRT than the AT.

Abundant wildflowers. We had a cool and largely bug free day, but there are squadrons of bloodthirsty mosquitoes on the lower stretches of the Bigelow Range Trail and especially at the Stratton trailhead.

Special Equipment Required: water filter

Comments: the MATC has set up shop at Horns Pond for the season, and is at work on the trails. Nice chatting with you, folks, and thanks again for your hard work.

Big thanks to my fellow hikers Kathy B., Tim G., Angela and Kenny P., and Kevin P. for good times on the trail and at camp on Flagstaff Lake. Strong hikers all and good friends with whom to share this arduous but very rewarding experience.

photos http://www.pbase.com/jonathantr