View Full Version : Crockers, Redington 5/24/09

05-25-2009, 08:10 AM
Caribou Valley Road is barely passable by anything other than a 4-WD at some points. We drove up to the AT crossing (4.5 miles).

Trail conditions were typical for early summer, patches of mud and insignificant patches of snow. Very few blow downs, easy footing. Both North (4228') and South Crocker (4050') were bug free, temps were great, views OK from South Crocker. Found candy lichens and bloody heart lichens, among others.

Upon returning to the truck we decided to drive a bit and hike up Redington (4010'). We were able to continue up Caribou Valley Road for one mile until the road became impassable. (Very questionable bridge).

Road/Trail conditions to Redington were fairly dry, some swampy areas and small patches of ice and snow but easily avoidable. Not sure what our total mileage was but guessing 7 mi. RT from the truck to summit of Redington. Glad to get this one off my 'list' which my husband decided I am working on once again. My 7th peak in 3 days. I am resting today.

-Lisa and Jeff