View Full Version : Grafton Loop 5/23/09 - 5/25/09

05-26-2009, 09:40 AM
Grafton Notch to Old Speck - the trail is fairly dry with only a few short patches of snow.

Old Speck to Sunday River Whitecap - dry with the exception of one boggy area about .5 miles past the Old Speck summit. This section of trail doesn't look like it's travelled very often.

Sunday River Whitecap to Eddy Road - no mud but the rocks were very slippery after the rain on Sunday.

Eddy Road to Puzzle mountain - very little mud.

Puzzle Mountain to Long Mountain - we encountered lots of mud and swarms of black flies through this section.

Long Mountain to East Baldpate - Let's just say that we think there was a trail under all the Moose Poop.

East Baldpate to Grafton Notch - The trail down West Baldpate is very eroded - there were some muddy sections but nothing like the section between Puzzle and Long.

Required Equipment: Bug Spray and lots patience - the black flies are out in full force. Microspikes are NOT NEEDED.