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doghiker 2002
07-20-2004, 05:36 PM
Anyone do a successful bushwhack of the Traveler in Baxter State Park - either as two separate bushwhacks (1: North Traveler to summit of Traveler; 2: Peak of the Ridges to the summit of North Traveler) or as one long connector from North Traveler to Traveler to Peak of the Ridges or vice versa?
Time? Routes? etc...

07-21-2004, 08:57 AM
I scouted this several weeks ago and am considering a traverse this fall. Thunderstorms prevented an attempt in June. The full traverse is said to be a long day -- 12-15 miles, half to a third of which is technically "trailless".

07-21-2004, 10:41 AM
I scouted it a couple of weeks ago also. It looked pretty straightforward from NT to T, but I didn't go far enough to see how thick it gets way down in the saddles.


if you are looking for someone to do it with sometime, give me a PM.

07-22-2004, 08:40 AM
Maybe we should put together a crew for September when the big crowds have left.

post'r boy?


Papa Bear
07-22-2004, 09:34 AM
Four of us (me, Funky Freddie, Rambler and Josef) are planning on doing it on September 10th (Friday). We have reservations that night at Wadahunk and plan to do the 4 Brothers the next day.

I have been thinking of traversing the whole range from N to S but it might be more sensible to go up from the south and after bagging Traveler (which is on my FF list) decide weather to slog on to No. Traveler. At one point Roy said it would be easier going south since it would be easier to do the whack up hill: Old VFTT post (http://www.vftt.org/forums/showthread.php3?s=&postid=18853#post18853).

But N>S or S>N, we'll be there.