View Full Version : Pico Peak via Sherburne Trails, Pico Link, ski trails

05-30-2009, 03:14 PM
Sherburne Pass Trail (South) is freshly-blazed, wet, wide and gentle. Pico Link ditto, but expect to get wet from spruce branches. Pico Link goes to peak from the right side of Pico Camp.

No special equipment needed, waterproofing your boots will help.

We descended on 49er ski trail, keeping to the right. It's steeper than the trail, but wide open and there is a well-trod path down hewing to the right side of the trail. About half a mile down you'll come upon the Sherburne Pass Tr and head into the woods back to the parking area at top of Sherburne Pass.

Saw one AT hiker staying at Pico Camp, and six day hikers going up as we descended. We got to the car 2 minutes before a brief deluge at about 11:00 this morning.

Great morning walk.

Fourfingers and Screwloose