View Full Version : Quabbin - Gate 28 to Rattlesnake Hill

06-08-2009, 04:43 PM
Trail conditions: Dry along Moosehorn Brook Road, fisherman's trail along the Quabbin only wet in one area, Rattlesnake Hill trail in good condition. Didn't see any tree damage. Trail up through the power line full of dog and deer ticks. Good views of the Quabbin and Monadnock from Rattlesnake Hill.

Special clothes/equipment: Long pants and long sleeved shirt due to the ticks! Don't follow any of the power line trails, as ticks are very bad!!:(

Flowers found: Wild columbine, blue-eyed grass on power line trail, foam flower in seed stage along Moosehorn Brook, yellow day lilies in field by old tavern site, mountain laurel beginning to bloom, also.

Weather: Nice day, good breeze that kept the skeeters away. Met a few people heading up to Rattlesnake Hill, as well as folks biking along the road that goes out to Gate 30. :)